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Cockiest Wheel of Fortune move of all time?

by Jon Henseler

Is there a more steely move in Wheel of Fortune history than watching the person before you go bankrupt and then immediately letting American know that not only are you up, but you know the puzzle too? Onions, double order. And you know what? I dig it. I know this probably put a lot of Wheel of Fortune viewers off but I like the confidence. Plus I'm guessing there isn't a huge intersect in the 'blog subscriber' and 'Wheel of Fortune viewer' Venn diagram so I'm probably safe from their anger. But this is like Babe Ruth calling his shot in the World Series. This is Michael Jordan telling you exactly how he is going to score on you. This is Matt Hasselback 'we want the ball and we're gonna score' type stuff. Sure it doesn't work out all the time but at least people know your confident. And confidence is everything in life. Confidence is what gets you a job in an interview. Confidence/alcohol/lies is what gets you a girl at bar. And confidence is what makes people believe you when you tell them you're a 'broadcast journalist' when in fact you blog and host a podcast on fantasy baseball. Me and this woman get that no matter how little we've gained because of it.

PS: Nothing more frustrating than someone buying a vowel on WOF when you know the puzzle. I've said awful, awful things about people's intelligence in those situations. Not proud of it but it's who I am.

Double PS: Cue the music: