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Comeback for the ages has Packers a step closer.

by Jon Henseler

(for Vine newbie's click the upper right hand corner for audio..definitely do NOT assume your speakers are broken and buy new ones...like a ahhhh....a friend of mine did....good looking dude but not so savvy with new technology)

There were literally thousands of metaphors and videos and whatever else we could have used for the intro to the blog but I don't think anything does yesterday's game justice like this Vine. Honest to God if aliens came to earth and wanted to know about Tony Romo's NFL career I think I'd just show them this. Then I'd immediately call Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith but that's a different blog for a different day. Bottom line is nothing better summarizes a career littered with big time stats and big time turnovers better than this. Basically a 5 second autobiography. Meanwhile what do you say about the Packers. Just unreal what happened in the second half. If we were a boss in an old 90's arcade game we would have been flashing colors FURIOUSLY at halftime. Basically one hit from total annihilation. But then the second half hit and we were a totally different team. And it was complete vindication for the fans that have stuck with them through a trying season. Don't call it a comeback, we've been here for years. Gospel according to Cool J, LL.

- If you would have told me in August that we'd be relying on dramatic comebacks from a quarterback who was the starter for the Raiders to start the season I would have internet slapped the hell out of you from the safety of my keyboard. Like really think about this story line. Matt Flynn has been on TWO other teams this season and is now pulling wins of his ass to keep us alive until A-Rod gets back. Dude went full-Frank Reich  yesterday.

- While Morgan Burnett and MD Jennings have made me legitly debate whether I'd take a present day Leroy Butler as safety over them, Sam Shields has been a beast. Yes Megatron and Dez had big statistical days. But when it mattered, Shields made critical plays. And made himself STACKS of cash yesterday. Dude's gonna look like Huell from Breaking Bad  in the offseason. 

- Speaking of Dez Bryant, at least we got to see that 4.3 speed yesterday.

- Starks only was in on a handful of plays but give him credit for running like a MAN on that screen touchdown. Lowered his head and broke through 3 defenders and into the end zone like the Kool Aide man/Andy Reid busting through a brick wall.

- Apparently it was Jamari Lattimore that William Wallace-ed it at halftime? Cowboys up 23? Jamari Lattimore:

- Jason Garret has to be trying to get fired like Costanza right? Only explanation for calling pass plays up 4 scores in the second half. Basically his version of strapping the World Series trophy to the back of his car and riding around the parking lot. Jason fears no repercussion!

- As much as I hate Troy Aikman, gotta kind of love that he got a front row seat for that. Got to see HIS team in the place where HIS jersey is retired have a collapse for the ages and it came at the hands of the Packers. Basically got to live out a Saw movie. Troy, I want to play a game...

- Boom roasted: 

All in all an amazing game. And we're one Lions loss away from controlling our own destine with Rodgers set to come back on Sunday. We've been getting our asses kicked around for the last 6 weeks or so but we're getting off the mat like Hulk Hogan and seem to be trending in the right direction at the right time. Sure I look like someone who watched The Ring video  at the end of every game. If that's what it takes to get us in the playoffs that's what it takes.

PS: Dusted off a little Walker Blue as I bathed in Cowboys fan's tears last night. Seemed appropriate. I think I got that bottle in order to celebrate an engagement or a first kid, but a 23 point comeback in Dallas? 6 of one half dozen of the other. Cheers!