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Company offers 15% raise if you tattoo their logo on your body. Cue the DiBiase music!

by Jon Henseler

CBSAs CBS 2′s Emily Smith reported Tuesday, a tattoo can be a way to show off your personality. For Rapid Realty employees, it is the fast track to a 15 percent pay raise if you get inked with the company logo. There are no size or location restrictions. Brooke Koropatnick got hers behind the ear. 

First of all, I'd make fun of the cell phone camera recording here on Youtube, but I actually went to the theater and paid $10 to see this thing on it's opening weekend in and I'm pretty sure that's just how the movie was filmed. But you'll spend money and time on things like this when you can't drink. Honestly people think 18 year old shouldn't be able to drink but I'd argue that between spending two hours watching this film or housing 10 Natty Ice's is minor semantics in terms of brain damage.

Anyhow I don't think this tattoo thing is a good idea, it's a GREAT idea! I mean a 15% raise? Yes please! Not to mention this kills two birds with one stone for me. I've always wanted to get a tattoo and I've always wanted to make minimum wage. This knocks both those out in one fell swoop! Plus the problem with the tattoo is that I never know what to get. That plus I've got decades of Catholic guilt and a healthy fear of my mom but those are different stories for different days. But in terms of a life decision I'd say picking a tattoo is probably more important than picking a college. A tattoo is with you for life so if it's awful it's awful until you're dust in the wind. But if you make a poor choice on a school you can just drink your way through 4 years and lie about where you went on your resume. But if I'm just forced to get the logo of my company then the choice is out of my hands! I mean yeah, it could be a lame logo, or you might get fired one day and be stuck with it, but those sound like future Jon's problems. 15% more promissory notes here I come!

PS: This is essentially what it looks like for me every 2 weeks:

Double PS: I would think if you work Mont-Sat you could probably ask for 20%