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Corey Hart bolts for Seattle

by Jon Henseler

Well with Corey Hart no longer a Brewer I thought it only made sense to write our final blog about him (also our second blog about him) and include the above music video. Honest to God the fact that this was never his at-bat music is a damn shame. My guess is he probably asked for it to be that way but you'd have thought somewhere along the way some intern would have gotten ballsy but sadly that was never the case. Either way to say we called the fact that Hart was done in Milwaukee is an understatement, check out this line from a blog we wrote on June 26th:

Honestly I think there's a 75% chance we never see Corey Hart in a Brewer jersey again. It's sad to say but he just seems like he's breaking down physically and in terms of healing he's like a bizarro-Wolverine. I hope I'm wrong but with Juan Francisco playing well and Hunter Morris in the wings, it seems like Corey might be out of continues.  

I mean did I have a Biff Tannon sports almanac or what! Literally nailed every part of the paragraph and didn't redact a single thing. Amazing.

All that said I don't think anyone can blame Corey for taking the deal in Seattle. 2 million with up to 4 in incentives or 6 with 13. No brainer. I guess I don't really know what to say in his Brewer eulogy though you know? He was better than average? Solid all the way around. Like I can't think of a single 'stand out' moment but I know he had a few great seasons. A few 20/20 years, couple of 30 homer years and two all star appearances. But at the end of the day I can't remember a 'single' career defining moment. Like I'll remember Nyjer Morgan more in 30 years because of his hit in the NLDS than I will Corey Hart. But any way you slice it this is a problem for the Brewers. Pretty sure we were counting on him for next year even though we never really said that. Now what, Juan Francisco getting 500 ABs a year? I feel like Stanley from The Office in the Traveling Salesman episode; hard pass. James Loney isn't great but he can basically name his price with us now. 

PS: How about our effort at the 2013 Winter Meetings? Gave up a top 5 leadoff hitter for an unproven left handed pitcher and didn't get a first basemen. Woof.

Double PS Great news for Corey though, when his health inevitably fails, he's right next door to the best fake hospital in the country.