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Corey Hart off to LA for a second opinion, Estrada has a set back, Figaro to the DL.

by Jon Henseler

Frah-gee-lay, it must be Italian! Seriously that may sum up the entire Brewers campaign. In the span of 10 hours yesterday Marco Estrada had a set back in his rehab, it was discovered that Alfredo Figaro has been pitching injured for two weeks and Corey Hart is now flying out to LA to have his knee examined. No not the knee he had surgery on to repair in March, the OTHER knee. This is why I laugh at people calling for Roenicke and Melvin to be fired. Like this team hasn't played a SINGLE game this season featuring the lineup they intended to have out there. If everyone is healthy all season and you're 32-43 then I can see getting angry at upper management. But I'm not ready to call in The Bobs on arguably the most successful general manager in team history and a guy with a winning percentage of .530 until I see what this team does when 100% healthy. Which probably won't happen this season. Honestly I think there's a 75% chance we never see Corey Hart in a Brewer jersey again. It's sad to say but he just seems like he's breaking down physically and in terms of healing he's like a bizarro-Wolverine. I hope I'm wrong but with Juan Francisco playing well and Hunter Morris in the wings, it seems like Corey might be out of continues.

That being said I"m pretty excited to see this Johnny Hellweg character on Friday. He's been dealing in AAA all year, and if he turns out to be ANYTHING then this Greinke trade last season falls under the category of 'master stroke' from Doug Melvin. Get a franchise shortstop and a solid starting pitcher for a (now) overpaid 'ace.' Yes please!

PS: Remember when I said last week I'm 90% sure (75%) that the season is over? Well with a 3-1 start to the homestand I'm down to about 80% (60%).

Double PS: Corey, maybe it's time to save up for metal legs? It's a risky operation but it will be worth it.