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Couple of Dudes in North Dakota with absolutely insane tornado footage.

by Jon Henseler

(Earmuffs warning: NSFW language)

I'm not sure anyone has ever had a better time facing down imminent death than these bro's in North Dakota*. Like these guys are having the absolute time of their lives! It's like that first major snowstorm you have when you're at college and everyone runs outside and has a gigantic snowball fight. Except instead of a harmless snow it's a gigantic tornado that blows away trailer parks like they were dandelions in the summer. You know six of one half dozen of the other I suppose. I think my favorite moment is in the last 2 seconds of the video where one of these guys takes the safety precaution of rolling up the truck window. "Whoops this thing is getting a little close, roll 'em up!" Gee ya think big guy? I've gotta say I kind of feel bad for the tornado if we're being honest. Like a tornado gets what, 3, maybe 4 minutes to wreak havoc and scare the masses and here these guys are hijacking the scene by not caring in the slightest. Reminds me of the scene in Monsters Inc. where Sully tries to scare the little girl and she just giggles and calls him kittie.

*Me and a buddy of mine, Nick, used to call hockey games up in Point and I remember we once bused it out to North Dakota for a game. It was a Saturday evening tilt so of course our #1 priority was to track down the nearest gas station by the hotel so we could 'fuel up' once the game was done. Game gets over, we wait for the team on the bus staring at our watches as it gets closer and closer to 10pm, what we assumed was the time they end beer sales. So we finally roll up to the hotel and Nick and I run a 4.2 40 across the street, get into the liquor store at 9:59pm and ask if we can still buy beer. Guy working the counter looks at us confused and says 'yeah you can buy until 4am.....it's North Dakota.' So that's what we're dealing with the above video I suppose. A state where I basically offended a guy by asking if we're too late to buy beer.