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Cubs do Cubs things, turn ordinary rain delay into a game ending fiasco.

by Jon Henseler

Hey guys looks like we're gonna have a little rain delay, let's get that tarp out stat!

....alright good effort guys but it looks like we missed a few spots, no big deal let's just carefully adjust it to cover all of the infield. Ready? 1, 2, 3, shift!

Whoops! Looks like we dumped 200 gallons of water all over the field. Don't worry everyone we've got a leaf blower we'll get this thing cleared up in no time!

Alright everyone we're finally ready to resume the game! Wait it's 1am? Well we played through the top of the 5th right? Okay let's get that W flag up boys! Cubs win! Cubs win!

I mean this story is so Cubs it hurts. A simple 15 minute downpour turns into a category 5 sh!tshow. And to top it off the poor Giants are in the thick of a pennant chase and had to take a loss because of this. Like if I'm a Giants fan and we miss the playoffs by one game I'm going Liam Neeson from Taken on this grounds crew. Unreal.

PS: I would pay thousands of internet dollars to be a fly on the wall of the grounds crew meeting this morning. Like if I'm actually involved in that train wreck last night I'm 1,000% calling in dead today. Then pull a Steve Bartman-esque disappearing act until inevitably the Cubs do something worse and the storm blows over. I'd imagine today's meeting is going to look a LOT like the Glengarry Glen Ross speech: