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Cubs Scoreboard Operator casually taking a nap in the middle of a game.

by Jon Henseler

Big time power move by this Cubs scoreboard operator to just get his REM cycle on in plain view of everyone. Could have probably found a million places in that scoreboard labyrinth where he could have hunkered down like Costanza under his desk and no one would have been the wiser. But nope. He's sitting right in plain view dreaming of a life that doesn't so closely resemble his own. That's what we like to call DGAF 101 (don't ask Jeeves what DGAF is Mom). And I highly doubt he'll be fired. No one else has been fired in the Cubs organization for not doing their job so I doubt they'd start with the scoreboard operator.

And you know what my sneaky favorite part of this is? It's a 1-0 game! Like I can understand taking a snooze if it's 12-1 in the 7th inning. Can't fault a guy for taking a snooze in that situation. But it's a close game and the Cubs have actually been playing well as of late. And yet here he is looking like someone just chloroformed him. Cubs fever, catch it!

PS: I have a few buddies who are Cubs fans and their response to trash talk from Brewers fans is that 'at least we have a World Series pennant!' Look everyone knows that any pennant won prior to the Industrial Revolution is null and void. When during the course of your last World Series championship season there was legitimately a Civil War Veterans Day I might not use that as a return fire.