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Dad Finds Creative Way to Get His Daughter to Stop Wearing 'short shorts'

by Jon Henseler

(I'm not sure what this daughter's issue was. This was my dad's outfit for grass cutting every Saturday.)

Absolutely love this move by our man Scott Makintosh here. Apparently his daughter was wearing cutoff shorts to a family event and refused to change when Scott said something about them. So what did he do? Did he fly off the handle screaming and yelling? Did he ground his daughter for life? Nope! He rocked some cutoffs of his own when his family went to go get some ice cream. Absolutely awesome. Like cream cheese being squeezed out of denim tube. This is up there with the dad who made his daughter stand on a streak corner wearing a sign of shame after he busted her making a 'twerk' video and posting it online. And if you've ever seen a twerk video you'll understand that move too*. The times are changing and with it a parent's punishment strategies have to adapt as well. 1950's stern talking to has become 2013's grown man in daisy dukes. 

*I'm slowing turning into John Lithgow from Footloose as the years go by.

PS: Maybe this guy is just a Never Nude?