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Dad leaves abandons kid in pursuit of a spring training home run ball!

by Jon Henseler

Well if this isn't the gif of Christmas future for your boy then I don't know what is. Because if God forbid I'm ever in charge of the well being of a child this is 1,000% my move if a home run/foul ball comes into my sphere of influence (Nietzsche, read a book). Especially considering to this point in my life I've never gotten a game ball which is borderline mind boggling considering the amount of baseball games I attend every year. One time on my 19th birthday I went to a Brewer game and the dude directly behind me caught a foul ball and his girlfriend claimed it was his birthday too. That guy is probably managing a hedge fund right now while I'm grinding out internet drivel for pennies on the dollar. I'm thoroughly convinced that ball changed the course of both of our lives.

So when you take into consideration the fact that acquiring one of these bad boys is basically like finding a four leaf clover, I would absolutely send my kid on a kamikaze mission to the outfield wall to secure it. Survival of the fittest or something. So while some people consider this bad parenting I have another word for it, 'hero.'

PS: Takes guts to make this play in front of the wife too. Good luck trying to sell her that endangering your kid is worth gaining a spring training baseball. Yet another reason I respect this bro. ONIONS DOUBLE ORDER!

Double PS: STRONG jorts game on that guy too. Strong.