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Daisy and Cooper enjoying a Mickey D's Ice Cream Cone

by Jon Henseler

I could honestly watch these two eat ice cream cones all day. Felt genuinely bad for our man Cooper here just flashing those Eeyore eyes while Daisy got a few licks in. Then in an instant I understood why this particular ice cream protocol had been instituted in the first place. Definition of beasting an ice cream cone from Cooper. Haven't seen anyone house ice cream like that since George Costanza at the U.S. Open . Dude's gonna have a brain freeze from hell and couldn't care less. Dogs continuing to do the damn thing per usual. Totes adorbs

PS: Need a video of Brewer Hank eating an ice cream cone and needed it yesterday.

Double PS: The radio station that originally posted this had a comment section a mile long that consisted of a lot of people laughing and having a good time but also had a ton of people taking this woman to task for feeding her dogs ice cream. Only in 2014 does a cute, 43 second video of dogs eating ice cream turn into hate storm directed at an anonymous woman for feeding her dogs ice cream. Yo internet police, take a Xanax and relax. Play some Flappy Bird or something. Honestly you've got to wonder if Al Gore could do it all over again if he would just destroy the internet Skynet style and save us all from ourselves.