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Dale Jr breaks winless streak at Daytona, prevents us all from a potentially bizarre Waltrip/50 Cent moment.

by Jon Henseler

You've gotta give it to 50 Cent, dude looks about as out of place as I would at an And 1 Street Ball tournament but in back to back years he's made internet headlines on the pre-race coverage. Last year it was for getting Stonewall Jackson-ed by Erin Andrews:

And this year it was for having Michael Waltrip proposition him for a victory lane kiss. Sidenote: If the latter had happened what would have been worse for 50's career? The viral video last year of Erin Andrews looking repulsed by his advances (welcome to my world fiddy) or a viral video a full on smooch with Michael Waltrip. Kind of a toss up right? 

In any case we can celebrate Dale Jr today not just for winning the race but for preventing us all from a 50/Waltrip that would have looked something like this: 

PS: The other hilarious element of yesterday was the amount of people being thrown off by Fox airing last year's Daytona during the rain delay. Now granted, from what I saw there wasn't a graphic at the top of the screen telling viewers that what they were airing was last year's coverage, but it did lead to some funny Twitter moments that Deadspin covered brilliantly. To be fair to those that were confused though, the combination of the lack of a graphic, and the inevitability that most of the confused were either casual NASCAR fans or had been drinking all day or both (I'll let you guess which category I fit into....spoiler alert: it's both). That being said I was happy to see the race actually get restarted last night. I didn't let the fact that there was no race impede my day-drinking but I sort of felt like that scene in Braveheart when they finally got back underway: 'Well we didn't get all dressed up for nothing.'