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DiCaprio's new movie looks okay.

by Jon Henseler

Call me ghey if you want but if liking Leonardo DiCaprio is ghey then so be it. Dude's a flat out living legend. If you claim that you don't like even one of his movies then I know one thing about you for certain, you're a liar of Costanza proportions. The Departed, Inception, Gangs of New York, Shutter Island, Growing Pains, they're all classics. And yeah Titanic*, Romeo and Juliet, and The Beach (also a good cologne) are great movies too. Deal with it. And this Wolf of Wall Street trailer looks like it's going to be an absolute no-doubt home run. Can't wait to see it. DiCaprio, Jonah Hill there for some comedic relief and Coach Taylor as the antagonist. To quote Daniel Bryan; YES! YES! YES! YES!

*I bet I can guess exactly where the first tape of Titanic is stopped at right now at my folks house.

PS: I feel like there's a 40-55% chance that a film crew just filmed DiCaprio's day to day life. Burning money, midget tossing, 'hanging' out with smokeshows, Jonah Hill wingman.

Double PS: By 'can't wait to see it' I mean 'put it on my Netflix cue and watch it in 2015.' No way I'm paying $15 for a movie.