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Dog not allowed on his owner's bed, watch what happens when she leaves!

by Jon Henseler

Absolutely A++ video. The second that music hit and this dog went bananas* I was laughing out loud. And it was a legit 'lol.' Not one of those courtesy 'lol's'** you give a friend on a text message to build up their comedic confidence. This pup is like a dog version of Kevin McAllister from Home Alone. I'm eating trash and watching rubbish!

*I don't think I've ever not done the bananas cheer in my head when I have to type that word out. B-A-N-A-N-A-S, GO BANANAS!

**I absolutely live for those even though I know 92% of the time the other person is stone-faced on the other end. Doesn't matter to me. Living the Lie 101.

PS: I remember when our family dog, Dexter, was caught red handed pulling a stunt similar to this when I was younger. Dexter was allowed on ONE piece of furniture, the couch in our den and that was it. But he was also left to his own devices from 8am-3:30pm every day and he was allowed to roam the house. Well one morning my dad was walking downstairs and found Dexter sitting in his (my dad's) recliner. You could literally read Dexter's eyes like 'ohhhhhh sh!t they're not gone yet....crap crap crap......such an idiot' Poor pup was too scared to move. Luckily my dad's vision is based on movement but it was a close call to be sure.