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Dogs get tricked by magician.

by Jon Henseler

I have a question, is it possible to laugh and hate something at the same time? Not like diabolical laughter, I'm talking straight up laughing while also having a hate fire burn inside of you. Because that's what happened to me while I watched this video. The dog reactions were hilarious but I sort of started to hate this magician for messing with their minds. I'm a little dumbfounded but I think I might have just discovered a brand new emotion. Like a combination of happy and rage. Happage? Ragginess? I dunno but I better think of a name and copyright it quick before someone else does and I'm sitting around like a Winklevoss twin watching someone get rich on my idea.

PS: Textbook 'WTF' look from this pup:

What is this sorcery?!

Double PS: Anybody remember that first David Blaine special where he was hanging out with Leonardo Dicaprio and walking the streets doing his card tricks for vagrants in the park and the Dallas Cowboys (6 of one.....)? I was ENTRANCED by that thing back in the day. Absolutely thought the Cowboys were going to take Blaine down after his levitation trick. Kill him! Kill him with fire!