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Domino's Breaded Chicken Crust is real and it's spectacular.

by Jon Henseler


Big day in the pizza crust world! Big day for America! I'm not sure this is quite up there with the bomb Taco Bell dropped last year about making taco shells out of Doritos but it's close. Because I'll be honest I didn't think I'd see a crust innovation like this come along in my lifetime. Like I remember when stuffed crust came out and the whole word (give or take) stopped on it's axis. You put cheese IN the crust?! The pizza slice isn't over when you get to the end?! Blasphemy! But it's wasn't blasphemy. It was very, very real. But after that I just assumed that that would be the last pizza crust upgrade I'd witness. Sort of like when I watched Michael Jordan in the 90's. It was hard to imagine someone dominating the game quite like him. But then Lebron* came along and so did this breaded chicken crust. So I have no idea when this Wilfred Brimley special is available but I know I've got to try it. Who needs pinky toes anyway?

*For the record Lebron isn't even in the same stratosphere as Jordan but I needed the metaphor and I couldn't think of a Seinfeld scene that fit the bill.

PS: We were talking about this on the air today and someone texted in wondering what the calorie content would be on this beast. My answer is I don't know nor do I want to know. And I pray to Jobu that we never live in a world where pizza joints start putting nutritional facts on the box like McDonalds did a few years back thanks to that Super Size me goon. Hate that. Newsflash, I know I'm making a poor choice for my long term health if I eat at McDonalds. I don't need the facts starting at me in the face. What's the old saying? Ignorance is bliss? Ding ding ding! The less I know the better. So I hope I never live in a world where nutrition facts on pizza happens. Which if I keep eating the way I am on means I'll only need them to hold off for about 5-7 years. Plus I get the feeling that this item will be popular with the late night/bar close crowd and everyone knows calories don't count after 2am.

Double PS: This was absolutely the brainchild of a pothead living in Colorado or Washington right? Whose on munchies tonight yo!?