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Drunk hockey goalie looks about like you'd expect it too.

by Jon Henseler

Czech Rebublic coming in hot in advance of the Winter Olympic games in Sochi! Honestly I think this drunken Czech Goldberg* might be on to something. Sure he looks like a newborn baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time, but at the same time these two videos is the most hockey I've watched in the last 7 years combined. Like if Putin made all the athletes in Sochi get a little faded before every event I might actually watch more than 7 minutes of the Winter Olympics. Snowboarding, downhill ski, hockey, figure skating, curling, all better if the athletes are rocking a BAC of .15 minimum. Although I do feel like it if this were implemented the United States might not take the total medal count. If we're judging this year's competition on who can handle their liquor the best Russia will probably have 72 gold medals by the end of two weeks.

*Won't do a hockey blog without a MIghty Ducks reference. Not now. Not ever.

PS: Best part about this video is you know this guy thinks he's killing it too. No one is more sure of themselves than someone who is overserved. You think your text messages sound like Shakespeare, you think you look like Tom Selleck and you think you can goaltend like Patrick Roy.

Double PS: But Jon how would Putin force all these competitors to drink against their will?! Ummmmmm, let me think: