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Dude applies for a job, promptly steals merchandise.

by Jon Henseler

Great article here  about our man Lawrence Briggs. Dude dropped off an application at a sporting goods store in Chicago, and on his way out helped himself to $200 of merchandise. Now I know nobody likes a Monday Morning Quarterback, but I think if Lawrence had to do it all over again he should probably rethink stealing stuff from a place he's trying to be hired at. It's one of those you don't sh!t where you eat type of deals. Pick one sporting goods store to work at and one sporting goods store to steal stuff room you know? Day 1 stuff really. Or at the very least wait until you get hired and start stealing things slowly like a normal human being. And I think the best part of the article is that in order to catch him they gave him a 'call back' to be interviewed and arrested him on the spot. Like I would pay a lot of internet dollars to know what was going on in Lawrence's head there. Honest to God I think I would have hired his ass on the spot. Guy drops of an application, steals your merchandise, then has the balls to come back for an interview? That takes guts, we need guts.