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Dude sleeps for 10 hours with a knife in his back.

by Jon Henseler

(Alright I know it's not a stabbing scene but it's the closest thing I could get. Plus 'funny stabbing scenes movies' is now in my Google search history. #blogworldproblems)

Article here about a man from Trenton, New Jersey who got into an altercation on his front porch at 2am this past Sunday that ended with him getting stabbed in the back and sleeping with said knife in his back for 10 hours. 10 friekin' hours! Really think about that folks. I mean I've been over-served in my day and I've said 'that sounds like tomorrow Jon's problem' many, MANY times. But I don't think I've ever been drunk enough to have a knife sticking out of my back and say 'eh, I'll deal with that later' and then pass out for almost half a day. Flat out loony tunes. And imagine that wake up? You know the typical 'what time is it, where am I, who's that (j/k mom)' questions but imagine waking up, taking a leak (I imagine that if this dude can sleep with a knife in his back he'd probably take care of that first too) and then check yourself out in the mirror only to see someone Crocodile Dundee-ed you last night. That'll ruin your morning.

Also, I'm not a smoker so I don't have a lot of context here, but according to the article this guy got stabbed because he was on his front porch smoking and a fellow smoker asked for a light and this guy refused. Kind of a dick move no? Like I'm not saying its grounds to get all stabby on someone but at the same time it might be?

PS: Before I read the article I felt like this might have been a 'passed out with my shoes on' situation gone wrong. And with the way the world is now it wouldn't have shocked me. Back in my day if you passed out without taking off your kicks the worst someone did was draw a few Pedro's  on your face. In 2013 you pass out with your shoes on, that's a stabbing!