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Eric Church doing 6 free shows in 2 days!

by Jon Henseler

So in case you've been living at Walden Pond for the last year (there you go Mom and Dad, some of your $20,000 put to good use), you know that Eric Church released The Outsiders today. Now I got a copy on Friday and have been ABUSING the replay button because pretty much every track on it is hot fire. And the album has been pretty much been getting the Simba 'everything the light touches' treatment from every major publication that reviews music. Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Strange Brew*, The Boot, all of them are hailing it as the first great album of 2014/forever. It's the Richard Sherman of albums. All that other stuff is mediocre AT BEST!

Anyhow with the release was the above video today. SIX free shows in two days?! According to his schedule he is doing a show at 5pm in Indianapolis on Thursday, then a 7pm in Ohio, and a 9pm in Chicago. Then on Friday he's in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. And by all accounts, this looks legit, like he's actually going to be at every venue. Which begs the question of whether or not Church has access to a DeLorean and a Flux Capacitor. Or maybe he just has the Ted Danson plane. Either way this sounds like it is going to be epic and 'epic' doesn't get tossed around lightly these days. And he actual does come close to us! Joe's Bar in Chicago on Thursday for the late show, takes the stage at 11pm. You can start lining up at the door Field of Dreams style at 5pm.

*The best metaphor I could find to my actual album review. Pretty much exactly what went down for me. With the exception of licking the album. I didn't do that (mostly).