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Eric Church Resch Center Friday presale codes!

by Jon Henseler

( Just a real hot pic )

First of all, what's the protocol on being turned on by a picture of yourself? Is that frowned upon? Because this is without question the best picture I've taken since my parents let me get the laser background on my 4th grade school picture in 1994. Every picture I've taken in-between that one and the above picture Jess took of me on Saturday has been one clunker after the next. And every picture from 2006-present has been an ode to a combination of my declining metabolism and casual attitude about trans fat (myth). But this photo struck me just right. As it turns out the black and white Instagram filter makes my Casper complexion look almost normal. Hell if I were born when black and white TV had it's run I might have been a matinee idol. It turns out I'm not ugly I was just born in the wrong time period!

Anyhow on to more relevant things like the Eric Church Resch Center presale code! Now if I were a smarter blogger I would have played a little blog-Hangman and released the code one letter at a time starting on Monday. Cashed in on 5 blogs instead of just 1. But sadly I'm about as forward thinking as a fruit fly. Checkers was always more my game. So if you want to buy Church tickets on Friday from 10am-5pm instead of on Saturday at 10am with the rest of the unwashed, click here . Then click on the 'radio presale' and enter the code 'CHIEF.' Bingo bango you're on your way to see the Country Music Jesus on November 20th. Which is the sole thing motivating me to stay employed for 2014. You can chart the amount of work I do in direct correlation to whether or not Church has a new album on the way or show coming to Wisconsin. 'Wow Jon put in a 6 hour day today' 'Yeah Eric Church just released his tour for fall.' Classic!