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Eric Church Teases new Single

by Jon Henseler

Well folks this is just about the dirtiest video I've seen in a while. As fellow members of the Church Choir know, the gap between the new album and Chief has felt like an eternity. The live album helped alleviate a little of the angst, but overall this has been one of the hardest waits of my entire life*. And this is the teaser to what we think will be the first single coming out next week. I'm not sure if the riff in the background is what the single will sound like or what but the fact that I got 90 seconds of new content from Eric Church makes this a good day. Youtube could have put one of those 2 minute ads at the beginning of this bad boy and I would have say through the entire thing. 

*I have what Darryl  from The Office would call, a sweet, little Nerf-y life. 

PS: My reaction the second this video ended: