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Erin Andrews takes DWTS post from Brooke Burke

by Jon Henseler

Firstly, if DWTS doesn't get Richard Sherman on this season of DWTS then it is a massive misstep in the marketing department. Just the opportunity to recreate this scene and watch Sherman interact with Len and Bruno would be TV gold. All those other sambas were mediocre AT BEST!

Secondly, the major news from DWTS is that Brooke Burke had a meeting with the Bob's and Erin Andrews is sashay-ing her pretty little ass onto the set as the DWTS 'sideline reporter.' Now as you know I'm not a huge DWTS enthusiast. I watched the Donald Driver season and that was about it. Seasons 1 and 2 as well. Parts of season 4 and all of 5-12. But beyond that I'm mostly a casual observer. So the question is, are you on Team Andrews or Team Burke*? Tough choice to be sure. I'm pretty sure every dude who has watched a second of ESPN/FS1 in the past 10 years has had a thing for Erin Andrews at one point or another. In fact before I became the 3rd most successful blogger on a small market radio station website, I had a piece of momentary internet fame:

(way to keep it casual Jon)

On the other had, if you're a male in your late 20's or early 30's you absolutely remember watching Brooke Burke after midnight with the volume on '2' and your finger on the jump channel when E's Wild On was hot in the streets. 

Like kids a generation younger than mine won't understand how important Wild On and Howard Stern on E! was to adolescent male's in the 1990's. We couldn't just lose a day google image searching hot babes all day long. Wild On was as necessary as the air we breathed or the water we drank back then. So I guess on a nostalgia principle I'm siding with Brooke. She might not have been as important as Miss Elizabeth, Winnie Cooper, or Topanga in my youth but she was top 5 for sure. She was there for me then, and I'm here for her now. You've got to stand for something you know?

*Typing that sentence was one of those 'I have an actual college degree, what in God's name am I doing with my life?' moments. I seem to be having them more lately. I'm sure it will pass. Or I'll start using recreational drugs. Either/or.

PS: I'm not saying the Erin Andrews peephole video was the best thing to happen to her career because that would show an insensitivity to privacy and sexual harassment. But I'm not, not saying it either.