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Every player on the Broncos and Seahawks walked away with diamond encrusted Beats By Dre

by Jon Henseler

Well while I was reading all sorts of Super Bowl recaps yesterday I stumbled upon this little tidbit. Every player on the Broncos and Seahawks each got a pair of Beats by Dre diamond encrusted headphones. Street value: $25,000. Unless you see one of these players trying to get money for it on Pawn Stars. My guess is Rick gives them $2,000 and not a penny more. You've got to understand he's got to make money too.

Anyhow as a full time radio DJ to say I need these headphones is putting it mildly. I'm actually not sure how I've been working in radio this long without diamond encrusted headphones. Sitting here like some sort of barbarian with a pair of Sony's from 2001 that I'm pretty sure will disintegrate like a dandelion if I blow on them. Well no more! Not when this option is out there. Now the only problem is that Peyton Manning screwed me out of a small (read: significant) amount of cash that I could have used to purchase these bad boys. Actually come to think of it Peyton should probably just give me his. Either way for those with the means, I'll be getting an online kickstarter started this afternoon at some point. It will be named 'Headphone Human Fund: Money for People (me) for Headphones.'

PS: This video of Marshawn Lynch dancing with his diamond headphones on in the locker room after the win came out yesterday as well:

 Now while this is a fun video on the surface I want you to look a little closer:

That, my friends, is a Half Beard. I have no explanation for it, and sadly, we'll probably never get one. I also have no explanation for why I'm spending part of my day examining a Marshawn Lynch video like a Stanley Kubrick film but it is what it is #bloggerlife.