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Facebook Page Asks NFL to Never Let Buck and Aikman Call Another Packer Game

by Jon Henseler

So if you have a like mind that Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are the worst part about being a relevant football team in the NFC check out this Facebook fan page . I've got to say it was one of those rare moments when I clicked on a page, saw it had 28,466 likes and thought that sounded a bit low. Like I expected this to be up there with the Breaking Bad's and Taylor Swift's* of the world. But these bro's could take a cue from the Ranch Wilder school of 'less is more' broadcasting during NFL football. The fact that Brian Billick isn't the lead analyst on Fox is a travesty and that's saying something. Billick isn't the best but he looks like Socrates compared to Aikman. Truthfully my dream booth is Gus Johnson and Jim Ross with sideline reporting done by Brian 'Boom Goes the Dynamite' Collins but I'll take what I can get. Now do I expect this FB page to do anything? Nope. But at least it gives people a place to commiserate so I thought I'd give it some Strange Brew pub. Get ready to have 28,478 likes by the end of today!

Also, something that might make the next Packer broadcast (which, you guessed it, has Buck and Aikman on the call) is to play the Troy Aikman 'That's Right Joe..' drinking game. Every time Troy Aikman says 'That's right Joe..' take a shot. If you live you win.

*Friend of mine made this. Not really nice. Of my friend.

PS: Ranch Wilder reference is either next level blogging or me jumping the shark. I hope the former but probably the latter.