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Family Feud, part of the body that starts with the letter T.....

by Jon Henseler

Also would have worked for 'something that feels like a bag of sand'! I mean how about our boy Eric here with total disregard for anything just saying whatever popped into his head. And my favorite part was his brother or whoever that was in the background. 'It's true! Everybody likes 'em! Whoooo!' Gotta love family. Always got your back. Oh Eric just said made a mockery of 'body part that starts with the letter T'? Whatever! Just clap till your hands are raw and drop a Ric Flair WHOOOO in Harvey's* eye! 

*Say what you will about Steve Harvey but he absolutely smashes his role on this show. And this is where he's at his best. Nobody and I mean nobody in the history of the Feud outside of Dawson reacts better to these types of answers than Harvey. Wouldn't shock me if he slipped Eric a $50 to say that just so he could get a viral video going. Obviously Dawson is is the Don with his sexual assault introductions but Harvey beats out the dude from Life with Louie, Al Borland and Jay Peterman for #2.  

PS: Honest to God that had to be a top 3 answer though right?

Double PS: I didn't mind the Steve Harvey Show either back in the day. Most of my 'non suburban white kid' culture came from mid 90's UPN.