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Father and Son Brawl over Missing Cheese packets for Mac and Cheese

by Jon Henseler

Story here  that sparked MAJOR controversy on the morning show today. Literally hundreds of texts chiming in (smoke and mirrors translation: 4). Article from South Carolina about a father and son who got into a Festivus-style brawl over the fact that the son had taken all of the cheese packets out of the mac and cheese boxes. So when papa bear went to make some mac and cheese all he had in the box was dry noodles. His son punched him, dad put him in a headlock and eventually cops were called to break it up. 

Now I commented at the time that anyone who takes cheese packets out of mac and cheese boxes and just leaves the noodles is a borderline psychopath. Like I understand things in this world aren't great right now. Unemployment is still high, America's credit score is about as good as mine (low is good right? 'good' is the word?), Obamacare, the Lions are in 1st place, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria! But there are some golden rules that you just don't trifle with. And taking the most critical element out of the mac and cheese box is one of them. So I can see how this dad got angry and these two came to blows. Like if 30 years in the future one of my degenerate sons is still living at home and I go to make mac and cheese only to find little Scorpion or Sub Zero heisted my cheese powder someone is going DOWN.

But then we had people chime in that they take cheese packets out of mac and cheese all the time and use them on popcorn. Never thought of that before. Which led to a conversation about whether or not I'm looney tunes because I put ketchup on my mac and cheese. Literally EVERY time. I had a roommate in college, Rob, who looked at me like I was crazy when I dumped 4 packets of ketchup into my Easy Mac daily. Made me think I was some kind of social outcast. So I posed the question on the air and it turns out A LOT (again: 2 or 3) of people do the ketchup on mac and cheese thing. So eat it Rob! Can't wait to facebook message you for the first time in 8 years to let you know I've got the support of literally three's of people who have the palette of a toddler like I do! 

PS: I have access to 20,000 people every morning and we did 3 hours on mac and cheese today. Yikes.