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Florida State rides Red Lightening to last BCS title

by Jon Henseler

I'm not sure if everyone knows who Red Lightening is but if you don't you need to stop being outside so much. Come indoors to a dark, dank blogging lair and check out what's going on in the real world on the internet. Live a life you know. 

Basically this guy has become a cult hero at Florida State/the world. Just the most hustlin' ballboy on the planet (to be fair though it is easier to run without a soul) . One of the main reasons why I wasn't scared for a second that Florida State was going to lose last night, even when they were down 21-3. Like the old saying goes, with Red Lightening with us, who can be against us?

Also I, like a lot of people, am happy to see the BCS ground up and put in an old Folgers can to make way for a playoff system next season. That being said, if you look at the history of the BCS title game, it did seem to get things right more often than not. Like last night was a classic. And I'd say about 75% of the BCS title games have all been above average in terms of entertainment value. Hell you could argue the Texas/USC game was one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, college football game of all time. And we never really ended up with a situation at the end of the year where a team had a legitimate gripe about being left out in the cold. Maybe Boise State or Utah once or twice but beyond that it wasn't so awful. Actually towards the end I think I started to kind of like it. Looked forward to the standings every Sunday night after NFL football, it made literally EVERY weekend important because you couldn't have one misstep and hope to compete for a national title. Damn. Stockholm Syndrome City; population me.

PS: Red Lightening Boss Mode: Engage.

Double PS: Wasn't quite on line with his Katherine Webb rant last year but Musberger struck again last night. I'm Ron Burgundy?