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Foot Locker with the second best ad of the week.

by Jon Henseler

I give it a 10! A $$#%%ing 10! What a week in advertising huh? Only sad thing for Foot Locker is that Kmart released their Jingle Balls commercial this week too so no matter what this will be #2. Any other week this is #1 though. Kind of reminds me of all those 1980's Midwest Champions banners you see at Bucks games. Great teams but always ran into Dr. J or the Bird Celtics. Any other time period and the Bucks would have probably won 2 or 3 titles and the whole franchise could look different. Either way, as we've documented, I'm past the Favre thing so I found his bit pretty funny. But by far my favorite moment is Tyson saying 'it's your ear.' Honest to God I don't think anyone has been as consistently compelling/entertaining as Mike Tyson from 1985-now. Like I know he's generally though of as an idiot-psychopath but I think he might be the sneaky smartest man on the planet. Like he realized if he acted the way he does he'll never be without a paycheck. Catfish city. 

PS: I would pay big internet monies to see a behind the scenes here assuming they all shot on the same location. Something about a table with Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Dennis Rodman, Craig Sager and Brett Favre has me intrigued. I mean what kind of stories would get told at that table? Legit might be me 'last supper' 5 right there. Maybe sub out Sager for John Stamos so we can pick up chicks.

Double PS: Favre doesn't look bad in this ad but did anybody catch his interview on the Today show? Kids this is what football can do for you. He's starting to look like the TIcket Oak.