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Frank Kaminsky goes rain dance last night on North Dakota.

by Jon Henseler

So I was calling a game for WLC in Chicago last night and once we wrapped up I check my phone to find a bunch of texts (1 text, and a Bubble Safari request on FB) that Frank Kamisky dropped 43 on North Dakota last night. Absolutely shocking. Bruce Willis was actually dead shocking. I mean Frank Kaminsky?! He of the 9 points per game average? Just went NBA Jam* 'He's on Fire' right in North Dakota's grillmix. Breaks the record set by Michael Fit Finley and Ken Barnes (big day for Ken Barnes, probably the last time we ever hear his name). I had to laugh at a text I got on our studio text line this morning that essentially said in his postgame interview is sounded like he was stoned. Hahaha, classic Kaminsky! Hey Frank how do you feel about your career night?! 'I'm just really hiiiiiiiighhhhh...'

*Best NBA Jam team of all time is the Seattle Supersonics and it's not even a debate. Schrempf, Payton, Kemp. Sure some people might say the Jazz or the Hornets but they're just being instigators. If your answer isn't 'Sonics' then you're either clueless or an asshole.

PS: Gotta kind of feel for our man Troy Huff on North Dakota. Dude's a Wisco native and also went off for 37 points last night. But he's barely a side-note today. Kaminsky-ed.