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From the warped minds that bring you state fair foods, new eats at Lambeau this season!

by Jon Henseler

So Bleacher Report did a feature on new foods that will be served at Lambeau this season and the scene stealer is this bad mama jamma. A 22 inch horse collar kielbasa complete with beer cheese and fried sauerkraut. Yes! Yes! Yes! Kielbasa is EASILY one of the most underrated meats out there (meat power rankings coming to you in a blog in the future), the cheese to cut the spice and sauerkraut because this is Wisconsin. I guess it runs $20 which Bleacher Report made sound like an exorbitant price, but when you consider it costs $7 for a regular brat, and brats are about, what, like 6 inches long, then the price seems pretty standard. If you do the math your cost efficiency per inch of meat is more than decent. All I need to do is smuggle in an entire container of Tums and I'll be set!

And yes I giggled while typing that entire paragraph. There's also a doughnut ice cream sandwich and brat infused nachos called 'bratchos.' Check out some real hot pics here .

*Love how people are genuinely interested in the fat content and nutrition facts for this thing. A wise man once said, ignorance is bliss. Plus you can't heart disease if you don't read nutrition facts or go to the doctor. Old hockey trick. Not to mention this bad boy fits right into the bottom of my food pyramid.

PS: In all honesty probably not a bad idea for this little 'health stations' that sell individual packets of Advil and whatnot to work some individual packets of Lipitor too.