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Full video of the Ric Flair 49er speech is about what you'd expect; full of Whooo's/Awesomeness

by Jon Henseler

I know no one wants to rehash the Packer/Niner game but I had to post this. Exactly what I thought it would be and once again underscores how we came up on the short end on Sunday. It wasn't the offense going 0 for the 1st quarter. It wasn't the defense being unable to stop Kaepernick. This game was won and lost on Saturday night. Like on that final drive while our defense looked tired and cold, the Niner offense had visions of Ric Flair struttin' and whooo-ing and stylin' and profilin' in their head. Sure if you asked Ric what year it is there's a high probability that he answers 1997, but that doesn't matter. We got Nature Boy-ed. 

PS: This f'in guy: