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Glenn Robinson tribute video from Saturday was pretty cool.

by Jon Henseler

First of all, reason #3243243 why the NBA is barely above quidditch in terms of popular sports in the United States is that they won't let you embed their videos in blogs. Wake up David Stern*! Even Bud Selig has finally lifted the wall on MLB's videos and he hasn't even sent out a single email in his entire life. So if you want to see the entire video they played at the Bradley Center on Saturday night you can click here.

And if you're a hardcore Bucks fan I highly recommend you do. Also if you want to hang out some time give me a call on my office line (just look up John and Peggy Henseler in the white pages). Bucks fans are like sports minorities. We've got to stick together. But aside from that it does bring back great memories of a three year stretch where it was really exciting to be a Bucks fan. Like look at the above picture. See something strange? Yup, that's a packed Bradley Center and the people actually want to be there. And I know it sounds like a fairy tale that makes Jack and the Bean Stalk sound plausible, but there was a time not too long ago where the city of Milwaukee would shut down 4th street for Bucks playoff block parties and people would pack the streets. And George Karl was basically carried in to the arena like Xerses to a standing ovation. Then after games people would flood the bars on Water Street and reminisce about a big win or loss. Also these snosberries taste like snosberries.

*Yeah I know technically Stern retired and Adam Silver is the new commish but this is like when Vinnie Mac puts a 'general manager' in charge of Raw. We all know who's still in charge.

PS: Big Dog was doing a radio tour all week leading up to this appearance and of course Game 5 in the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals came up where he missed a 7 footer that would have won the game and in all likelihood gotten us to the Finals. On one interview he claimed it was a tough shot because Mutombo had his arm outstretched and he had to shoot over it. Now I don't want to rehash this like the Zapruder film here, but if you fast forward to the 10:45 mark you'll see that it was a clean look. Heartbreak city.