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Go Go's Sports Illustrated Cover

by Jon Henseler

(if he didn't send a copy of this signed 'Hotdog' to Chipper Jones it is a severe misplay)

First off, props to Sports Illustrated for not going '_______ Brew' as the title. Nothing more lazy than when the Brewers are on the cover of any publication and it's just an adjective followed by 'Brew.' Especially when it's Strange Brew. Look I get that's it's a catchy title but if you're going to use it at least cite me as the 4th most read blog at b93radio.com (nbd/really nbd). I stole it from the mid-80's movie without paying a royalty fee fair and square. Finders keepers ever heard of it?

Anyhow pretty cool that the Brewers are getting some national (probably regional) pub and Carlos Gomez is getting much deserved recognition for being one of the sneaky most valuable players in the game. Now I know a couple of buddies of mine were freaking out about the Brewers being anywhere near the cover of SI because of the dreaded SI curse. Grow up kids. That's just a silly superstition. Case in point; the last three Wisconsin teams on the cover of SI were the Badgers before they played in the Final Four, the Brewers in 2011 and the Packers when they were unbeaten in 2011. Those all worked out fine so I don't see any reason to read anything more into this cover either. If Go Go were on the cover of Madden that would be reason for concern*. But the SI cover jinx is just a myth. Bet they believe there's an American flag on the moon too.

*Now there's an actual, real jinx. Like 95% of the players have either suffered catastrophic injury (Daunte Culpepper) or just fell of the planet in terms of talent (Daunte Culpepper). I think Brett Favre may have been one of the few to escape unscathed. But he did end up having to play for the Jets that year so you tell me what's worse.

PS: Gomez injured with back spasms the day this hit newsstands. Perfect.