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Greg Gumbel's interview with Dayton head coach Archie Miller went......well?

by Jon Henseler

So to review, Archie Miller is the head coach at Dayton University. You know the leader of the team that chalk outlined your bracket 2 hours into the tournament. And his brother is Sean Miller, the head coach at Arizona. So here is poor Archie, probably his first national TV interview ever, a chance to show some personality and promote his team and enhance future recruiting and Greg not only confuses him with Sean, but also botches the fact that Sean and Arizona weren't even in the Sweet 16 when this interview aired. Classic Gumbel. Got to give him credit though once he realized the interview was a complete debacle he mitigated it by hitting the TV ejection seat and claiming technical issues. Can't say I hate that move because I do the same thing ROUTINELY. Whoops I called him the wrong name? Sorry we're having trouble hearing you! Whoops two songs are playing over each other at the same time? Wacky studio computer!  Whoops I swore on the air for four hours the Tuesday after the Fail Mary in Seattle? Must have been a different station bleeding over our signal! Stupid solar flares! Technical issues are the broadcasting magic salve. Essentially gives you carte blanche to make as many mistakes as possible. Day 1 stuff and Gumbel hasn't forgotten. People wonder why Gumbel to Gumbel  is a successful talk show. Fundamentals.

PS: You just know that, A) Archie HATES being confused for Sean and B) The second Gumbel bailed out of the interview it dawned on Archie that he should have said 'Thanks Bryant' when he had the chance. The jerk store called, and they're running out of YOU!

Double PS: I actually did pick Dayton over OSU. Didn't stop my bracket from getting massacred though. Thing has so much red it looks like a scene from Dexter.