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Gregg Popovich takes a subtle jab at Lebron during championship parade and becomes my favorite NBA coach ever.

by Jon Henseler

Hey Lebron, question, do you like apples ? I mean how about Pop just going Lord of the Rings right in Lebron's grillmix after winning title #5. Only thing that would have made it better is if he fake cramped up halfway through the parade and had Matt Bonner and Tiago Splitter carry him to the end of the parade.

Also I think after this last trip to the NBA Finals we can officially end any sort of comparison between Lebron and Jordan. Like I hate to be the 'everything was better back in my day' guy but everything was better back in my day and it's not even a debate. Jordan's resume is unparalleled. 6-0 in the Finals, 6 Finals MVPs, 5 regular season MVPs, saved Earth from certain annihilation by the Monstars. And I get that you could make an argument that maybe the league was weaker back then blah blah blah but there is literally ZERO chance that a Jordan led team would ever bow out the way the Heat did last week. They got absolutely rag-dolled in the four games they lost. Showed no heart or passion. It looked like the Globetrotters versus the Generals. Could you envision a scenario where a Jordan-led Bulls team loses by almost 20 points in a win or go home game? For sure not. I have a better chance of having an ESPN 30 for 30* done on my blog than of ever seeing that happen. Now is there a chance that Lebron goes on to eventually be considered a top 5 or top 3 player all time? Sure. 2 championships and 5 NBA Finals appearances and still half of a career yet to played certainly deserves consideration. But he will never be in the same sentence as Jordan. Not even a run-on sentence.

And I know another hypothetical debate that goes on is whether the best version of this Heat team would be the best version of the 90's Bulls. I would say not a chance but there are so many x-factors it's not even worth considering. The rules now and then are so different that if those two teams actually matched up the 90's Bulls would be out of players because of fouls by halftime. No joke if Jordan played with the rules today he'd shoot 40 free throws a game. But out of curiosity I ran the scenario of the '96 Bulls and the 2011 Heat on whatifsports.com and the Bulls win every game by an average of 18 points. Also whatifsports.com is awesome if you're a sports fan who wants to accomplish nothing for the rest of the week.

*What if I told you that a Ginger who never played a sport beyond middle school and only goes outside 3-5 times a week started a blogging empire from his parent's basement fueled entirely by 90's nostalgia and his mom's meatloaf. An ESPN 30 for 30 presented by Buick.