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Guy installs surprise shower head to douse people using the bathroom in his alley.

by Jon Henseler

This guy can play for my team any day of the week. Like an average person who was fed up with this would probably call the cops, maybe write a letter, more likely Instagram a picture and complain on Twitter. Not this bro. Nope. He's tired of people using his alley as a port-o-john and he's going to put an end to it. Takes matters into his own hands and rigs up a remote controlled shower head to douse people MacGyver style. What's the old saying? When life gives you lemons make lemonade? Bingo. Except in this case replace 'lemons' with 'vagrants dropping the kids off outside of your apartment window' and 'lemonade' with 'shame them with water and turn it into a viral video.' Semantics though really.

PS: Also, if you can compile a nearly 5 minute long video of people defecating outside of your residence it might be time to call a real estate agent or something.

Double PS: Hopefully he bought a Commando 450.