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Guy is annoyed with unruly kid behind him in line at BK. Promptly buys all the pies they have and walks out.

by Jon Henseler

First off; have a week internet! First 'Apparently Ginger Kid' goes viral, then James Taylor the Rave organizer from Michigan yesterday and now Burger King Pie Guy. Big time winning streak going on. Internet so hot right now, internet. Anyway this guy apparently was standing in line at a BK when a kid who makes King Joffrey from Game of Thrones seem likable starts going bananas behind him. The rest he wrote in essentially a blog post on Reddit:

Literally 10 minutes after he posted the story it went viral on basically every website including actual news sites like Fox News and CNN*. So now there are two camps, people who are on the dude's side and love that he took action (or as I like to call it the 'right' camp) and those who think the guy is a bully because he taunted a kid (or as I like to call it the 'stupid idiot camp full of jerks'). I think the primary argument of the side that said Pie Guy took it too far is that 'we were all kids once!' and 'the role of adults is to act like the bigger person!' Look I get that we were all kids once. We all had tantrums and meltdowns and as you get older hopefully they subside. I'm not a 'kid' guy but I get that. But when a child starts dropping f-bombs in the middle of a public place and his mom just sits there talking on the phone (who actually talks on a phone, it's called texting ever heard of it?) and taking no action is where that arguments hits a roadblock. Like if I ever dropped an 'only I didn't say fudge' in public in front of my parents I'm pretty certain I'd be eating mashed potatoes through a straw for the next three weeks. That plus the fact that he was hitting her and generally being a little asshole is why I'm firmly on Team Pie Guy when it comes to pie-gate.

*I'm not sure how a random Reddit post became a news story for actual, reputable(ish) news sites? People understand that Reddit is basically a big comment section right? The stories there are about as real as the stories I tell here. Like as much as I want this story to be true it 100% is not. It was taken down like an hour after it went viral. Most likely scenario here is that this guy was in line at a BK and a kid was losing his mind behind him but he probably just bought his burgers and left. Then on the way home though 'wouldn't it have been cool if I would have bought all the pies and eaten them in that kids face?!' It's a Costanza Jerk Store situation. Except instead of trying to recreate the situation he just wrote about it like it happened. Come on CNN be better than this.

PS: Gotta say reading the line 'decided to treat myself and go to Burger King' made me feel awful for this dude. That's treating yourself? Go to a ballgame or take a trip, swallow a few unmarked pills, don't go to a BK at a mall foodcourt. Live a life.

Double PS: If this is all a rogue marketing tactic to get to want to buy pie at BK then mission accomplished.