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Hank the dog at it again, this time hanging with Melanie Iglesias

by Jon Henseler

Nothing to see here folks, just Hank doing Hank things and playing tug with 12/10's in sunny Arizona. Meanwhile I'm sitting here on March 3rd in a real life Winterfell staring at a thermometer that says it's -3 outside. Honestly has anyone had a bigger life upgrade than Hank in the past two weeks? He went from stray dog wandering the streets of Maryvale to being adopted by a Major League Baseball team where all he does is run around a giant yard with the team all day and plays tug with smokeshows on the side. Hank so hot right now. Hank.

And if you're not familiar with who Melanie Iglesias here's a crash course:

(B+ photoshop job)

PS: Official photo on the Brewers Facebook page that included one of the most wildcard statements I've ever seen. No one has gotten it less than Matt Meyer. Michael Sam: kinda ghey bro.

Double PS: Also Casey Gaffney, if you're looking for a paid (unpaid) internship or a part time volunteer blogging gig I'll hire you right now sight unseen. Right now our entire enterprise is little more than a solitary man with a messy apartment that may or may not contain a chicken. But with your help Casey we'll get that chicken!