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Happy 48th Birthday HBK!

by Jon Henseler

Had to use daily allotment of internet space today to give a quick shout out to an absolute wrestling icon on his 48th birthday, the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels! The above moment was legit one of the craziest moments I can remember as a kid watching wrestling growing up. Like when I was a kid I thought EVERYTHING I watched on Superstars and Raw was real. Everything. Then I became and adult, grew a beard and realized that 70% is probably made up. But back then I really believed that the Undertaker was murdering people and carrying them off in body bags. I truly thought that Jake the Snake killed Macho Man when he ordered Damian to bite him. I was legit horrified that Papa Shango was actually making people bleed WD-40 all over the ring. And I honestly thought Shawn Michaels killed Marty Jannetty when he tossed him threw the Barbershop window. Now little did I realize that while HBK didn't actually kill Marty, in many ways Marty Jannetty did in fact die after this scene. Whereas HBK went on to  one of the most entertaining WWF careers of all time, Marty Jannetty just did a show in Sheboygan about a 5 months ago. Like if you went out drinking in Sheboygan on March 24 of this year there's a chance you would have run into Marty Jannetty signing Afternoon Delight and making fart noises with his mouth Ron Burgundy style. Downgrade City, Mayor Jannetty welcomes you. 

But in all seriousness the Rockers were a SICK tag team. I think that's one thing that today's wrestling misses.The Legion of Doom, Demolition Derby, The Natural Disasters, they were all awesome. But the Rockers were up there. Young, enthusiastic running around like they were on cocaine. Actually you know who reminds me of them? Segura and Gomez. You ever watch those guys warm up? Just going a thousand miles an hour, joking laughing, young players in their prime. Let's just hope Go Go doesn't super-kick Segura through a Miller Park window.

PS: Also, one of the best intro songs of all time:

Every morning at Strange Brew international headquarters my staff (Brewer, Siri) wake up, do the National Anthem, say the Pledge of Allegiance and listen to HBK's intro music. Then we watch an episode of Magnum P.I. and take a nap. Blogging mediocrity 101.