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Hawaii flying homeless people back to the mainland.

by Jon Henseler

So apparently homelessness is such a problem in Hawaii that it looks like Occupy Wall Street 24/7/365. The solution? A free ticket to Anywherebuthere, USA! Which makes sense in theory. Hawaii obviously gets rid of their problem, and the homeless get a free ticket to reunite with their families. Then they can apply what they've learned in Hawaii to the States. Sort of like a hobo semester overseas. But my question for one of these homeless folks would be, why would you ever get on one of these flights? Like I would think Hawaii is pretty much the best place to be homeless. Warm weather, great scenary, ocean view, it's got it all. It's like that scene in Seinfeld; 'who leaves a country with ponies to come to a non-pony country.' In fact when my radio career runs out of steam (which happened in 2009) I think my last act will be to make sure I have $500 in my bank account so I can get a one way flight TO Hawaii. Live out my days in a homeless Hawaiian paradise.

Also I bet these flight attendants can't WAIT for these 8 hour flights.

PS: How pumped are these family members going to be when suddenly a long lost relative shows up at their doorstep for a 'reunion.'

Double PS: I was hoping against hope that I'd see Wayne Knight delivering mail in some of the stock footage.