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High School Kid's MIchael Jackson talent show Routine was a Thriller!

by Jon Henseler

Get it?! Thriller? Like the Michael Jackson song! Ahhhhhh we have fun here. Anyhow this video was taking the internet by storm yesterday and rightfully so. Kid just swagger jacked* his entire hike school . Like that moon walk was a legit 10 out of 10. Michael Jackson hologram ain't got a thing on Stephen Glansburg here. In any case I have no idea if he actually won this contest but even if he didn't he got a viral video out of the deal and let's face it, that's more valuable than any trophy (or degree)(or contract) he might get. Plus I almost feel like he dominated this dance so much that it's almost unfair to give him a trophy on top of it. He already stole everyone's girlfriend and probably boyfriend too. Leave some for the rest of us.

*Try harder to trend young Jon you can't.

PS: How about the broad that had to get to 7th period just trying to hijack this kid's moment:

Hey honey open your eyes. I'm sure you've got pressing business but recognize what's happening in front of you. Have some respect for the moment.

Double PS: This kid hammering out Final Countdown on his Kazookeylele is still the most talented teenager I've ever seen. Stop the fight! Stop the fight!