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I can't stop listening to the Apparently Kid's Auto Tune Remix

by Jon Henseler

Absolute fire jam! Fire! Hotter than the fires of Mordor fire! I honestly cannot stop listening to this thing. It has over a million views and I think a minimum 7% of them are from me. Whenever it starts I react like a college girl in 2003 when Usher's 'Yeah' was played in a dirty basement. Like I'm pretty far removed from the house party/club scene, more of a tavern/Dateline by myself kind of dude at this point but I would LOVE to see what happens at a major club in Chicago or LA if they dropped this bad boy in. Twerk City population everyone. Wouldn't shock me if this song single handedly started a new baby boomer generation. Apparently we're pregnant now let's stay home and watch the Powerballllllll.

Also this probably signifies the end of Apparently Kid's internet reign. He got 72 hours which is a Dimaggio like streak by today's standards. RIP Apparently Kid's Internet Fame. August 2014-August 2014.