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I could watch this dog do tricks all day.

by Jon Henseler

Friggin' dogs man! What can't they do. I think I could literally watch our man here do dog tricks for hours. I'd sit in front of my computer and stare like Elaine in the Seinfeld episode where she gets dumber because her boyfriend won't sleep with her until he passes his medical boards. 

But to say I'm also jealous of this dog would be an understatement. I'm not sure how long it takes to train dogs to do things like this but I've seen multiple videos that are similar and they are mind boggling. Like I've had Brewer for over 2 years now and if I told him to find his 'mark' I'm pretty sure he'd just tilt his head at me before taking a nap. So he'd pretty much nail it I guess? But we're pretty far from being youtube famous with his tricks. So far all he's got perfected are:

1. Launching a Crime Scene Investigation when he farts.

2. Having a Jesse Spano meltdown on Sunday morning when he wants to go to the dog park and people aren't moving fast enough.

3. Staring at me like a 3-D art poster when he wants me to wake up from a nap.

4. Sitting.......when he hears the peanut butter jar open.

5. Becoming a stage 5 clinger when he hears anything resembling thunder.

6. Barks twice if he's in Milwaukee.

So yeah, I think we're a ways away from becoming a viral video. And sadly for my dog I don't have the patience or the time to train him so we can become one. But like the old saying goes, those who can't play, coach, and those who can't coach blog about those that can.

PS: Saw a lot of comments on this video on youtube claiming it's fake and edited blah blah blah. Look that might be true, but can we pump the brakes on being skeptical of everything. To quote Kevin from The Office, come on man, believe in something!