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I think this guy is shoveling wrong.

by Jon Henseler

(good to see the a capella group from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego is finding work)

We were talking about this video on the air this morning and for the life of me can't figure out what's going on here. I know the popular sentiment online right now is to make fun of this bro* but I'm withholding judgement based purely on the confidence he has while he shovels this snow into a cart. Like it would be one thing if he took one scoop, dumped it in the cart, noticed how ineffective it was and then proceeded to shovel like a normal human being. But that's not the case. He keeps doing it like this over and over and over again like he doesn't have a care in the world. By the end of the video I started to wonder if maybe I've been the one shoveling incorrectly my whole life you know? He sort of has that attitude of 'yeah of course I'm dumping the snow into cart, day 1 shoveling stuff really.' So I'm going to go ahead and assume there's a good reason for this until further notice. In the meantime if anyone knows where I can procure a shopping cart on the cheap for the rest of winter please let me know so I can get the information to a friend of mine that wants to try this out.

*The lead to that sentence pretty much defines my generation.

PS: There are two other possibilities here as well. #1 is that he hates his job/life but he'd rather be outside than inside dealing with insane Wal Mart customers. So instead of accomplishing his task he's creating more work for himself so he can waste more time away from people. And #2, he's catfishing us all and laughing his way to the bank on youtube advertising dollars. Either way, respect.