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I want in this guy's new country.

by Jon Henseler

Listen I see a lot of pissing and moaning on Facebook about the state of this country. Wussification, Obamacare blah blah blah. Well folks it's one thing to just bitch about it and one thing to take a stand and take action. This right here? This is a take action guy. Along the lines of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. A true patriot who is willing to risk it all to live the life he wants to live. Now I'm sure some people will hate on him for trying to leave the greatest country on Earth, but l don't know what else he could do. He clearly tried to write to the idiots in Washington but they didn't even so much as send him a courtesy response. What's a guy to do you know? 

And while this doesn't exactly read like the Declaration of Independence, I like that it is succinct. This dude is King and that's the bottom line. No dealing with congress, no making deals behind the scenes, no sneaking other agendas onto important bills, none of that. You know exactly who is in charge. And no taxes! Nothing worse than when you get that first paycheck in high school and see how much Uncle Sam takes. Well not in this new country! No idea how we're going to fund any projects or infrastructure, but again, he's the king, that sounds like his problem. All laws come from the bible? Maybe a little old school but I went to Catholic school for 9 years so I've basically already lived under those rules for 30% of my life. Plus everyone gets a free jet ski! I know one thing for sure, Kenny Powers  is without a doubt going to be living there if that's the real deal. Plus no one gets to complain or you're out. John Adams tried the same thing during his presidency to no avail, but for some reason I think this guy can make it happen. So if you don't think I'm going to be this country's first blogger you are outside of your mind. Even got a sweet pic  to sent him with my application. Goodbye America! It's been real. Deuces!