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Ice Cream truck gets the better of this little guy.

by Jon Henseler

Absolutely feel where this little bro is coming from. Nothing more exciting than hearing the ice cream truck music and knowing that your whole day is about to take a turn for the better. Get saddled up with a Chipwich and suddenly your whole 7 (29) year old world is improved. So yeah sometimes your little body gets moving faster than your brain can send signals to your feet and you give yourself a grade 2 concussion on the kitchen floor. Happens to the best of us.

PS: Two other things about this video: #1; how about his little brother just crumbling in the background for no reason whatsoever. Like I can't really remember what it's like to be that young and I don't have any kids yet so if you're a parent reading this, does that just happen to toddlers from time to time? Just randomly lose a battle with gravity? Must be that way because nobody even batted an eye when he got TKO-ed. And #2; are they eating refried beans on toast? That's what it looks like right? No wonder this kid flipped his lid when the ice cream truck song hit. Barbaric.

Double PS: Ice cream truck treat power rankings are as follows:

#5: Firecracker. You've got to be in a certain mood but if you're feeling a little outside the box this is the play. Had a buddy that went Firecracker 100 times out of 100 which I felt made him somewhat unstable.

#4: Flinstones Push Pop. Sort of the same deal as the Firecracker but a touch more traditional. Plus it had vitamins!(?) 97% of my vitamin intake as a child revolved around Fred Flinstone.

#3: Ice Cream Sundae Cups with toothpick eating utensil.

#2: Choco Taco. A tip of the cap to our Mexican brethren for this beauty. Gave kids everywhere a more diversified palette.

#1: Chipwich. If you never had one of these as a child you're probably in a mental ward somewhere.