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Idaho hockey fans suing arena over 'large' 'regular' beer fiasco.

by Jon Henseler

Look I'm not going to go crazy and say that this is as big of a story as the Malaysian airliner* but if finding that plane is priority 1A then getting justice for the beer drinking hockey fans in Idaho is 1B. Because this is absolutely absurd. $7 for a large, $4 for a regular and they're the same size! For shame Century Link Arena, for shame. It's bad enough these folks are stranded in Idaho watching minor league hockey, the least you can do is make sure they get a proper buzz while ponying up $7 for a tap beer already with a 3,000% profit margin. We're trying to run a society here Century Link Arena, do you want to be apart of it or not?

The other part of this story that I need to commend is the effort of the people making this video. Like I'm a pretty observant (read:completely oblivious) guy but I don't think at any point I'd suspect that the large and regular cups for my barley pops were, in fact, the same size. That's some serious Woodward and Bernstein next level thinking. I guess I've always just trusted that when I buy a large it's at minimum 4 ounces larger than a regular. That plus I've never ordered a 'regular' but that's a different story for a different meeting that future-Jon will be court ordered to attend. But do you think this happens at a lot of arenas? Would be a pretty easy way to make a LOT of extra dollars at no cost. Well when I go to the Bradley Center for the Wisconsin games over the weekend you better believe the first thing I'm doing is ordering a large and regular beer. Worst case scenario I find out the ugly truth and drink them both. Best case scenario I find out the BC has it's beer integrity and I drink them both.

*That is about as big of a wildcard story as I've seen in years. Like in 2014, with cell phones and satellites and NSA everywhere NO ONE can find this thing? Latest article this morning had Courtney Love claiming she tracked it down . Courtney frieking Love! If I gave you a million guesses as to who might find that airliner you wouldn't guess her. That'd be like Cal Poly winning the NCAA Tournament.

PS: You know what would be really wild? If all the tap beer at stadiums was all non-alcoholic. I always thought that would be a fun sociological experiment in college. Just get a bunch of college kids at a house party and tap a few non-alcoholic kegs and see who acts foolish.