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I'm a Bielemer Video is.....ummmmm........yeah.

by Jon Henseler

You know that feeling you get when you're watching someone struggle? Like a bad audition on Idol or an episode of Blind Date or a blogger trying to use grammar? Secondary embarrassment*? Bingo. That's what I felt for the full 3 minutes and 46 seconds of this display. Yet I couldn't look away. Every instinct I had in my body demanded I turn this off but I just couldn't. Like is this chubby Jack McBryer serious with this? At first I thought he was a troll. Then as it went on I thought, no way a troll would go this far for this long. Then I thought, maybe that's what this kid wants me to think? Some next level trolling? I dunno. I feel like I'm in viral video Inception. 

Also I'm 99% sure if I lived in Arkansas this would be me. Makes it hard for me to hate on him too much.

*I think God probably feels that for me all the time. 'Oh no he's going to talk to a woman again?! Just give up already! I gotta mute this I can't listen...'

PS: Dedicating your song about the new Arkansas head coach while sporting your Cotton Bowl t-shirt to your girlfriend? Panty drop city. Population: April Ganster.

Double PS: We'll see how much of a Bielemer you are when Bret uses all of his timeouts in the 3rd quarter and punts with 1:30 left in the 4th quarter when he's down 4.

Triple PS: I have one guess as to who gave Arkansas '1' vote in the coaches poll yesterday.