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In advance of the Super Bowl: The Peyton Manning Drinking Game

by Jon Henseler

Alright so with the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday I figured this would be an appropriate blog to get to the weekend with. Because I'd honestly never seen it before a few Sunday's ago and now it might be my last chance to play it. Makes me regret all those Manning games I've watched over the years without it. Kind of reminds me of the day I turned 21 in Stevens Point. I've always had a babyface and couldn't grow a beard in college so I hardly ever got into a bar before I was 21. Then I turn 21, proudly order a beer at a bar and DON'T get carded. Wait how long could I have been doing this?! Same deal with the Manning drinking game. Way late too the game to say the least. 

So especially if you're not 'into' football, maybe this will make things more interesting for you. And on that note, I realize there are going to be a LOT of football plebeians at parties this Sunday and I have a piece of advice for them. Do NOT under any circumstance try to drop knowledge about the game if you have none. Most hardcore football enthusiasts get it, parties are going to have some people there about the food, some people about the halftime show, some people about the commercials, we understand we are in mixed company. But if you, like me, have been at Super Bowl parties where people who don't have the first idea what a first down is, and ask questions like 'can they see that yellow line on the field' you know nothing is more annoying than that person talking the WHOLE GAME. I don't go to art shows  and act like I know what I'm talking about because I don't. Thus endeth the lesson.

Also be aware that at any given party there will be at MINIMUM two or three degenerates who have money on every quarter, each half, the game, total points, how long the national anthem is, etc. Hell they may even be factoring in the pick of a clairvoyant manatee  into who they are going to bet on. They will be the ones most likely sitting by themselves slowing starting to look like the Crypt Keeper. Leave them be. We just need some time to ourselves.

And with that said, I'm taking Denver 'The Sunshine State' Broncos -2.5 all day every way.

PS: Stumbled upon this picture on the internets the other day. Is there a more 90's NFL photo than this?! And what a play by Jim Everett. Name a bigger power move than wearing a shirt with a graphic of you on the front. You can't!